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Business Professionals

Your focus is on climbing the corporate ladder and contributing to your company’s success. Let us focus on helping you experience success in planning for your financial future. More than likely, the benefits you receive through your employer alone will not get you to financial independence. We will help you create a strategy that coordinates your employee benefits with other financial planning strategies that will get you on the path to financial independence.

Our Process-Driven Approach

As you know, a finely-tuned process can greatly improve the chances of successfully completing any task. With Matt’s background as an analytical chemist and Thomas’s background in academic research, we are constantly fine-tuning our process with the implementation of the latest technologies and methods in financial planning. At Elemental, we pull together all the elements necessary to help you achieve financial independence with a plan tailored to your needs.

Comprehensive Financial Planning Services:

- Supplemental Investments & Retirement Plans (IRAs, Roth IRAs)
- Supplemental Insurance (Life, Disability, Long-Term-Care)
- Retirement Planning
- Budgeting (Family, Home Buying, Other Large Purchases)
- Debt Management
- Education Planning

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