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STEM Professionals

As a technical professional you are used to taking an analytical approach to the work you do. At Elemental, this is the exact approach that we take. You may appreciate our ability to dig deeper into the data and methods than other advisors, and help you understand the “how” and the “why” behind our process. Let’s schedule a time to talk today.

Our Scientific Approach:

We know you appreciate science, data, and analytics. Our team at Elemental does as well.

Matt earned his Bachelor’s degree in chemistry and worked a few years as an analytical chemist before giving into his other passion, finance. He naturally brings an analytical perspective to the financial planning process.

Meanwhile, Thomas is an Associate Professor of Finance at Saint Louis University and has earned research awards for his work on retirement investing2. Thomas draws from the latest findings in academic research and trends from the industry to bring innovative solutions to the financial planning and investment management processes.

Our approach is a collaborative one. We can speak to the data and analytics behind the work we do in a manner that will make sense to you. This will allow you to be a part of our team when it comes to developing your financial strategy, giving you more confidence in the plan we map out for you.

Comprehensive Financial Planning Services:

- Supplemental Investments & Retirement Plans (IRAs, Roth IRAs)
- Supplemental Insurance (Life, Disability, Long-Term-Care)
- Retirement Planning
- Budgeting (Family, Home Buying, Other Large Purchases)
- Debt Management
- Education Planning

Unique Opportunities for the Self-Employed

Do you work as a consultant or are you self-employed? The unique financial planning opportunities for such people are numerous. Let’s sit down and discuss whether this path makes sense for you.

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