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Thomas Doellman, PhD

Thomas Doellman, PhD

Founder, Sr. Wealth Advisor


Thomas holds a PhD in Finance from the University of Florida and is an Associate Professor at Saint Louis University. His research interests include retirement investing and investments2. His work on retirement investing has earned paper of the year awards at top scholarly journals and has been featured in such popular publications as The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Financial Times, MarketWatch, Pensions & Investments, and has been featured on CNBC’s Squawk Box.


Thomas enjoys spending time outdoors camping, hiking, and fishing with his wife, Erica, and two young children, Lilly and Devin. He also enjoys watching sports while enjoying a cold local craft brew.

A note from Thomas

A theme of my academic research on retirement investing is the extraordinarily negative impact unnecessarily high fees and investors' behavioral biases have on the performance of retirement portfolios. After several years of being friends and regularly talking finance with Matt, it became apparent to me that he understood these factors well, and that fact is what drew me to working with him. First, Matt and I are dedicated to ensuring fees are fair and transparent to all clients. Second, Matt has experience educating and coaching clients to fight their worst impulses in some of the most challenging investment environments we've experienced on record: the Great Recession and the Covid- 19 Crisis. Acting out of fear or emotion leads to the worst investment decisions. With our unique sets of experiences and expertise, we can lead you on a path to financial success wherever the road may take us.