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What Sets Us Apart

You may have wondered, “why the name Elemental Wealth Group?” Matt, our co-founder, had two passions when entering college: chemistry and finance. He chose to study both but became an analytical chemist upon graduation. But his passion for finance eventually prevailed. Having worked as a financial advisor since 2008, Matt finally realized his ultimate vision for this passion: starting an independent firm that is unwavering in its commitment to you at all times. Although, he has not forgotten his other passion. Just as a chemist develops a solution by combining the perfect mix of elements, at Elemental we construct a complete financial plan tailored to your needs by combining the perfect mix of financial planning elements. To provide the best service possible to his clients, Matt knew he wanted to build a team to join him in his vision.

Getting the Team Together

Thomas Doellman, PhD

Just as Matt’s chemistry background gives him a bit of a different perspective on financial planning, he wanted others who also bring different perspectives to the team. After years of friendship and talking finance, Matt approached Thomas, our other co-founder, about his interest in helping to build Elemental Wealth Group.

Thomas is an Associate Professor of Finance at Saint Louis University and has been conducting academic research on retirement investing2 since 2009. His academic publications have won best paper awards and have been featured in The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Financial Times, MarketWatch, Morningstar, and Pensions & Investments. The primary focus of his research is how conflicts of interest in the investments industry, fees, and investors’ behavioral biases can negatively impact retirement portfolios in a profound way. Given Matt’s unwavering commitment to his clients, joining Elemental was a way for Thomas to directly help individuals by practicing what he’s been preaching for years: the client should always come first, period. It was a natural fit.

Kristin Winberry, Client Services Manager

After several years of working with Kristin as his assistant, Matt knew she would be an invaluable member of the team at Elemental. Clients appreciate her passion for helping them and the ease with which she communicates with others. She also does so much to free up the time Thomas and Matt need to give our clients and their needs the care and attention they deserve.

Peter Hughes, CFA  And Jon Stanfield, JD at LexAurum

Matt decided to team up with Peter and Jon for several reasons. First, LexAurum provides back office services and compliance so that Thomas and Matt can focus their attention on their clients. Peter is currently the President and Chief Investment Officer at LexAurum while Jon holds the title of VP and Chief Compliance Officer. Before starting LexAurum, each served in similar capacities for an investment firm with over $10B in assets under management and over 250 advisers. With Peter’s wealth of experience, and his background as a CFA and former CPA, he is an invaluable resource to our team. And as should be the case for any financial advisory firm, we take compliance seriously. Every move we make is under the watchful eye of Jon to ensure we are always in compliance with rules, regulations, and best practices.

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